Web Data Collection

Collect, Enhance, and Verify Your Web Data. At Scale.

Data can be messy. Every business knows this. Contacts change, businesses close, lists become outdated. And, with the World Wide Web, so much more data is readily available for collecting, sharing, and reporting. But all that data takes time to go through. Is it accurate? Is it pertinent? Relying on labeled data-metrics, such as click data, doesn’t provide the complete story. CrowdFlower can help you with that.

Whether you’re locating URLs, investor information, addresses, or any other crucial information, let CrowdFlower help you. Our contributors will provide you with rich and reliable data on your leads, your customers, and your business. Just tell our contributors what data you need collected, verified, or enhanced and point them in the right direction. They will handle the rest.  Simply upload your data, build and customize your job, pick your settings, and press launch.

With CrowdFlower you will:

  • Collect better data. Our contributors will help collect massive amounts of your business data
  • Clean your data. Our contributors can look through and verify whatever data you have
  • Get it right, fast. CrowdFlower runs around the clock. Our unique quality-control mechanisms get your data collected, verified, or enhanced quickly and cost effectively

Put you web data  collection to better use. Find out how human-in-the-loop content moderation can make a difference for your business. Get started with CrowdFlower today!