What Is Sentiment Analysis

Understand What People Think About Your Organization

Sentiment analysis is the process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions to determine what people think about a specific topic. Organizations frequently use sentiment analysis to find out what people think about their brand or product. These days many people use more than mere text to express their opinions, and sentiment analysis tools have difficulty processing graphics, images, or memes, let alone slang, humor, and sarcasm. Most automated systems will tag “neutral” anything it doesn’t understand, providing inaccurate data about what people are thinking.

CrowdFlower succeeds where most automated systems fail. Our human-in-the-loop platform contributors will review your data and interpret clues in context to determine tone, meaning, mood, or intention from the data. Extracting data from images, graphics, videos, and more, their judgements will help gain immediate insights about your brand or build training sets you can use in your machine learning algorithms.

CrowdFlower will help you

  • Analyze more than just keywords or phrases – our contributors will help you uncover real, actionable insights
  • Identify trends or crises early so you can adapt and grow
  • Save time and money with the world’s largest 24/7 labor pool to clean and enrich your data

Let CrowdFlower help you understand what people feel about your brand or product. Learn how CrowdFlower can help you by starting your free trial today.