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CrowdFlower combines the best of human and machine intelligence to enrich data for the world's most innovative companies

Hundreds of machine learning teams trust CrowdFlower to help train, test and tune their machine learning algorithms

Learn how some of our most successful customers use the CrowdFlower platform

Accurately categorize millions of products

Learn how CrowdFlower improved eBay’s internal search relevance on their ever-changing catalog.

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Understand the impact of your product on customers

Learn how datasets run through CrowdFlower allow Spotify to explore the human side of machine learning

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Identify your most promising leads for your organization

Learn how CrowdFlower helped Autodesk clean its CRM and implement a new sales strategy.

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Deliver an awesome user experience to your customers

Learn how CrowdFlower helped Delectable build a massive wine database with images.

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Moderate thousands of images to enhance your solution

Learn how CrowdFlower provided Skout with real-time image moderation at massive scale.

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Train, test and tune your machine learning models

Learn how CrowdFlower helped Artimys train text models to detect harmlful online bullying.

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