By Joseph Childress, August 6, 2013

The New Look and Feel of the CrowdFlower Platform

When you log in tomorrow (8/7) you may notice some exciting changes. The job-building interface has received a facelift! This is the first step in a major user experience initiative currently underway. Our aim is to create a cleaner, intuitive, and modern UI.

We have broken away from rigid margins to provide more space, unified our style conventions to be more consistent across the platform, and improved access to features that were difficult to find.

For example, you can compare the previous version of a job’s data page with the new version below. Notice that we have consolidated all of the data management buttons into a single menu to make it cleaner, and provided more room to view your data. I know you all loved the retro rainbow colors, but sorry, they had to go!

Old Data page:



New Data page:



On a job’s Gold Review page, we have assigned all linked text the color blue, and provided you with direct links to each gold’s edit page – previously three clicks away.

Old Gold Review page:

old gold


New Gold Review page:

new gold


These preliminary improvements set us up for more exiting changes in the near future. You can expect to see major improvements in site navigation soon, followed by the unveiling of brand new tools for job monitoring and Gold creation.

Please check back here, at the CrowdFlower blog, for regular updates as we continue to improve the world’s best crowdsourcing platform.