By Tim Matthews, July 25, 2013

The New Look of CrowdFlower

A few weeks ago, as reported in this blog post, CrowdFlower surpassed its one-billionth judgment by one of its more than five million contributors. This incredible achievement highlights the power of using the crowd to realize new standards in solving big business data problems. With this achievement, we also knew we had reached a new level in the data problems we were solving and the many different people we could help.

But as big of a number one billion is, it still seems like microtasking is a well-kept secret. So we realized that we needed to tell our story better. That is why today, the CrowdFlower team is proud to announce our new website.

In redesigning our site, we wanted to better showcase what organizations can achieve when they are connected to over five million contributors waiting to help. In our redesign, we have now included a Solutions by Role section. Whether your are a Chief Marketing Officer, a Data Scientist, or running the Sales Operations team, CrowdFlower has a solution to help solve your business challenges.

We have also included a new product overview section. This section will help you learn about the different solutions CrowdFlower offers to help you decide which solution is right for your organization. Whether you prefer working closely with our team of experts to create a customized solution, or you want a flexible solution to handle the many data projects your organization has, our Products section will help you understand if our Managed Service solution or Platform solution is the better fit.

Lastly, we could not achieve the work we do without our contributors. With over five million people having performed over a billion judgments, we realized we needed a section for our contributors to turn to for a resource.

Thanks, too, to our agency partner Redstamp for all of their hard work.

We hope you like our new website and let us know what you think of it!