Data Collection

Verify and enrich your business data

Whether you need to build out a sales list, verify business addresses, or collect any kind of public data, CrowdFlower’s got you covered. Simply provide our contributors with the data you need collected or enhanced, point them in the right direction, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Why CrowdFlower?

Clean your data: Every business knows that data can get messy. Inbound sales lists get stale, businesses close, and old contacts change careers. Our contributors can look through whatever data you have and verify that you’ve got the right addresses, URLs, and contact information.

Collect better data: What’s more, you can also collect massive amounts of data for your organization. Point contributors to a search or a website and let them know what information you need captured. Through CrowdFlower, you can collect anything you need, from URLs to addresses to new contacts for your sales team.

Get it right, fast: Since CrowdFlower runs around the clock and employs unique quality-control mechanisms, you can rest assured that the data you need collected, enhanced, or verified will be squared away quickly and cost effectively.

How It Works

Upload your data with a simple drag and drop.

Step 1

Next, build your job. You can customize any part of the experience, from categories to follow up questions to nested logic.

Step 2

Choose your settings and press launch! You’ll be able to monitor the job in real time.

Step 3