Turn images and audio into useful data

Machines often can't tell you what text is in an image or accurately transcribe spoken word. But humans can. CrowdFlower's platform connects you to a massive community that gives you the ability to turn immense libraries of audio or images into text you can actually use.

Why CrowdFlower?

Get accurate results: Since every row of data can be shown to multiple contributors, you can be sure your transcription is accurate. We aggregate the responses and surface the most agreed upon entries but if you’d like to see each and every reply, those reports are always available.

Train your algorithms: Image and voice recognition models are difficult to train. But by using real people to create robust training sets for your algorithms, you’ll get better models, faster. Create as many rows of training data as you need, quickly and effectively.

Transcribe quickly at scale: Transcription can be a slog. But when our massive contributor-base gets tasking our your job, you’ll be able to have thousands upon thousands of images or text transcribed quickly and accurately. The platform runs around the clock, so your data gets enriched continuously, even while you’re asleep.

How It Works

Upload your data with a simple drag and drop.

Step 1

Next, build your job. You can customize any part of the experience, from categories to follow up questions to nested logic.

Step 2

Choose your settings and press launch! You’ll be able to monitor the job in real time.

Step 3