How CrowdFlower can work for you

Learn how innovative data science teams use our essential human-in-the-loop platform

Content Moderation

Protect your brand

Comments, profiles, pages, posts, photos, text, tweets, video and audio - we do it all. And we play by your rules. You set the guidelines and CrowdFlower will help you keep only the best content. Not only that, but you can integrate with our API so your content gets moderated faster, with no fuss.

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Data Categorization

Turn big data into rich data

Whether you need to tag images, distinguish parent from subsidiary companies, categorize business websites, or organize your own domain, CrowdFlower gets there efficiently. Our quality control measures make sure your data is categorized accurately, while our giant contributor-base makes sure it happens fast.

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Data Collection

Enhance your business data at massive scale

Get rich, reliable data on your customers, your leads, and your business. Whether you're looking to locate URLs, addresses, investor information, or any other crucial business information, CrowdFlower can help. Just tell our contributors what to find and they'll find it for you.

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Image Annotation

Mark up images for AI or business intelligence

Our platform’s award-winning image-annotation technology takes the painstaking work of accurately selecting and categorizing objects in images and scales it to volumes that can be used for image recognition training data and other research use cases. Whether you need to define drivable road surfaces for self-driving cars, or identify cancerous cells for medical research, CrowdFlower’s annotation tools will grow with your needs.

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Search Relevance

Return relevant results on the first search

On their own, algorithms fail to deliver the most relevant search results. This can frustrate users and it can hurt conversions. That's why some of the biggest names in search and ecommerce rely on CrowdFlower's data enrichment platform to train their algorithms and consistently provide the most relevant search results for their customers.

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Sentiment Analysis

Get real opinions other solutions miss

By combining the best of machine and human intelligence, our sentiment analysis solution succeeds where automated solutions fail. Get opinion about any kind of content, train your machine learning algorithms with specific, fine-tuned data sets, and even categorize why people feel the way they feel.

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Transform images, pdfs, or short audio into text

No algorithm can accurately look at an image or listen to a short audio file and spit out a proper transcription. People, on the other hand, can. Run whatever data you need transcribed through CrowdFlower and our platform and contributors will do the rest. And, because we give you multiple judgments for each snippet you need transcribed, you can rest assured that your text is accurate.

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Other use cases

Learn what else we can do

No matter what data your organization needs enriched, we can help. The CrowdFlower platform has been used for medical research, image annotation, audio and text transcription and more. Contact us and we'll get you set up for success.

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