By Chris Van Pelt, March 13, 2009

We’re looking to grow!

Why work at fancy VC-backed startups with on-site chefs, when you could work at Dolores Labs with our unlimited Otter Pop policy? Despite what this blog might lead you to believe, we have a business model, our revenues are growing and we have some money in the bank. We were recently featured in Forbes and CACM.

We’re looking for a developer, a sales/BD person and an intern or two. You can see that Chris wrote the Developer description and Lukas wrote the Sales/BD description — we won’t even try to merge the two into the same style :).


We’re looking for a versatile backend developer that loves Ruby, Postgres, and scaling. Here are the details:

Skills that are a must

Ruby: we’re a Ruby shop, you’d best know Ruby.
Unix: our servers are Ubuntu, our workstations are f-ing unibody MacBook Pros.
MVC Web frameworks: we use both Merb and Rails.
Deployment: dealing with Nginx, God or Monit, and Thin or Mongrel using Capistrano or telnet…
API’s: experience with all that RESTful hotness and ways to authenticate it.
Scaling: distributed queues, load balancing, redundancy, memcached, etc.
Relational DB: we love Postgres, we don’t hate MySQL, we always need to optimize.
Testing: you understand its importance but aren’t all military about it.
GIT: that’s right, none of that non-distributed version control nonsense.


Statistics: you either know it or you love it, cuz we do :).
Editor: you can do some crazy unbelievable stuff in either VI or Emacs. I use TextMate :()
Front-end knowledge: you know where that front-end person is coming from.
Crowdsourcing: you’ve played with Mechanical Turk.
Taste: you like The Wire, you’re into Lost, you love Shawshank Redemption and Edward Norton.
Location: If you don’t live in SF, having lived on a street called Dolores at some point in your life helps. 😉
Humor: you have a sense of it.

Sales/Business Development

We’re also looking for someone to help with/lead our sales and business development. We have a solid product and pipeline full of deals that need to be closed. This is a chance to come in as the first non-engineer and take our business to the next level.


  • Close deals with large companies
  • Own and manage the deal pipeline
  • Develop initiatives designed to grow the business in new areas, and identify areas to drive future improvement
  • Work with internal teams to ensure organizational understanding of partner product strategy, marketing initiatives and other partner needs
  • Research prospective business partners and assess competitive landscape of potential business development partnerships


  • Proven ability to navigate and close deals with large companies
  • Background and success in building and tracking a robust sales pipeline
  • Proven track record in architecting complex deals
  • Exemplary analysis and problem solving skills from both a strategic and tactical level
  • Proven experience negotiating contracts and managing outside council

Experience with crowdsourcing or traditional outsourcing a plus.

Finally, we’re also looking for both engineering and non-engineering interns.

If this sounds like you, please send us a brief description of yourself along with a resume to