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By Seth Teicher, September 12, 2014

Women More Impressed by Apple Watch Design, More Likely To Buy

Following its much anticipated unveiling on Tuesday, the Apple Watch has found both fans and critics in the media. Quick to draw a conclusion in the aftermath of such a monumental launch, the reactions varied from “Sleek and Versatile” from the Wall Street Journal to “Battery life, iPhone dependence, other troubling issues” by way of the Los Angeles Times. But amidst the tech media’s flowery opinions, we were really curious what actual consumers had to say. Do they intend to purchase Apple’s inaugural wearable? Was there a particular reason why they do or don’t want to buy it? Do men and women feel the same way about Watch? 

To answer these questions, we ran 20,000 tweets from September 9th with the hashtag #AppleWatch through a series of data enrichment jobs on CrowdFlower. At a cost of $280, within 24 hours, nearly 1,700 contributors analyzed the data to help us understand what people actually felt about Watch. 

What Does the Data Say?




Consumers Overwhelmingly Intend to Purchase Apple Watch

As you can see, Watch was warmly received, especially by women — nearly 74% of whom claimed they intended to purchase it when it comes out. When they provided a reason why, “the design” was cited more than 70% of the time, with health and fitness and the mobile payment options following up as a distant second and third, respectively. 

Men were also keen, with just over 56% saying they wanted one. Like the women, they too mentioned the design as their primary motivation, with the other features trailing in equal measure. 

So what are the gripes with Watch? What don’t people like?


As you can see, while in the minority overall, men and women who didn’t intend to buy the Apple Watch expressed nearly identical feelings as to why. Evidently, both price and design rubbed some folks the wrong way. 

So What Does This Say About the Apple Watch Rollout?

In spite of the critics’ murmurings, it’s clear that Apple has managed to strike the right balance with Watch’s launch — as far as the fanboys (and girls) go, it looks like that momentum is on Apple’s side. I’d be interested to continue to run this analysis through the actual release data in early-2015 to see if/how opinions evolve as the broader market begins to consider the benefits or shortcomings of Apple’s latest and greatest gadget.

So what do you think? Do you want one?