The most innovative companies use CrowdFlower to enrich their data

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Your data can be text, images, URLs, business addresses, or whichever else you need enriched.

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Choose from our template library and customize your design settings, and instructions.

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Once you've created your job, just press "launch"! Real people from around the world will task on your job until it's done.

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As soon as your job is complete, you can download a simple .csv file that contains all your new, aggregated and enriched data.

What you can do with CrowdFlower

Whether you're doing sentiment analysis, improving your machine learning models, tweaking your internal search relevance, moderating text or images, or just collecting data, we can help. Here are the most popular ways people are using Crowdflower.

Use Cases

What our customers are saying

Some of the world's most innovative companies use Crowdflower

Having tens of thousands of people at your disposal to read content and score it for sentiment and tone gives us the ability to inform our clients if there’s an issue. We can identify it quickly and put the campfire out before it becomes a forest fire.

Edelman - Chris Lightner

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We needed a way to scalably measure search results quality. We needed to look at the impact of algorithms in search results relevancy and CrowdFlower provides a way to do that. Our search results have gotten measurably better and we’ve been able to increase revenue, so it's been a real winner in terms of user experience and income.

eBay - James Rubenstein

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We're not trying to replicate our data scientists with the crowd. We're going to take away the stuff they find really boring, and save their expertise for the hard cases. Our data scientists appreciated that.

Intuit - Bruce Smith

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