The most innovative companies use CrowdFlower to enrich their data

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Here's how it works

Upload your data

Your data can be text, images, URLs, business addresses, or whichever else you need enriched.

Build your job

Choose from our template library and customize your design settings, and instructions.

Launch your job

Once you've created your job, just press "launch"! Real people from around the world will task on your job until it's done.

Download your
enriched data

As soon as your job is complete, you can download a simple .csv file that contains all your new, aggregated and enriched data.

What you can do with CrowdFlower

Whether you're doing sentiment analysis, improving your machine learning models, tweaking your internal search relevance, moderating text or images, or just collecting data, we can help. Here are the most popular ways people are using Crowdflower.

Use Cases

What our customers are saying

Some of the world's most innovative companies use Crowdflower

CrowdFlower has made it possible for us to continue delighting the people using Delectable while scaling over 500 percent. We love CrowdFlower.

Alex Fishman, CEO, Delectable

We didn't want our users waiting 48 hours for content moderation. CrowdFlower has three people look at every job and it's a maximum of ten minutes for content review.

Christian Wiklund, CEO, Skout

As more and more projects with CrowdFlower graduate to production, different groups across the organization are seeing the benefits of crowdsourcing and are keen on embracing this new paradigm.

Ram Rampalli, Product Management, Ebay

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