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Five new speakers confirmed for the Rich Data Summit

We've been busily adding new speakers for the Rich Data Summit, and by speakers, we mean data scientists. Lots and lots of data scientists.

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How I cleaned thousands of sales leads before lunch for about $300

It’s my first week at CrowdFlower and my excitement is higher than it’s ever been. Not only is the company full to the brim with incredibly talented people, but those talented people are actually really fun to work with [ed note: he means me]. However, I noticed a problem in my first week as our Lead Sales Development Rep that I know a lot of my peers come across at their companies: Salesforce data.

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A Database of Police Killings Since 2013

A while back, we found an interesting dataset online. The URL, killedbypolice.net, is fairly self-explanatory. It's a community-sourced list of all "police-involved fatalities", started in May of 2013, but the data itself was a bit jumbled and messy. Race and gender identifiers were in the same column, dates were inconsistent, and though most entries had a news story, we felt there was more information we wanted to know. We put the dataset through our platform to get more information and are presenting it below, as a joint project with Silk.co, who helped us visualize the enriched data. 

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Join Nate Silver, Monica Rogati, and Beth Noveck (and more) at the Rich Data Summit

Time and time again, we hear how data scientists spend most of their time doing what they least enjoy: cleaning and enriching data. In fact, they spend 80% of their time preparing data, but only 20% of it on the juicy stuff, like predictive analysis or pattern mining. The thing is, most conferences focus just on that 20%; we wanted a conference focused on the 80% instead.

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The 8 Graphs That Explain Hollywood Success

The idea of the summer movie more-or-less officially started in 1975 with Steven Spielberg's Jaws, a film about a shark who is hungry for your face. In the forty years since, Hollywood has innovated ceaselessly, coming up with new and different fart jokes for Adam Sandler to tell and exhibiting the courage to never, ever stop rebooting Spiderman.