"Human computation amplifies scientific discovery and human innovation."

– Haym Hirsh, Cornell University

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of representing CrowdFlower at the Human Computation Roadmap Summit in Washington D.C. Led by Pietro Michelucci, author of the Handbook of Human Computation and founding editor of the journal Human Computation, and his co-chairs Lea Shanley of the Wilson Center for International Scholars, Haym Hirsh, Dean of Computing and Information Sciences at Cornell University, and Janis Dickinson, Director of Citizen Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithologynearly 60 people from across academia, citizen science and the Federal government assembled to help sculpt a Human Computation Research Roadmap that aligns with our national priorities.

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Small enhancements and efficiencies add up over the long run.

If you’ve logged into CrowdFlower over the last day or two, you may have noticed a new feature - Automatic Payments. With Automatic Payments, you no longer need to manually load funds into your account. This should be particularly useful for customers who integrate with CrowdFlower’s API to ensure there are no interruptions to your jobs due to an insufficient balance.