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Infographic: Data Science 2015 -- What's Hot & What's Not

We're excited to release our first “What’s Hot & What’s Not in Data Science” infographic. According to our team of data scientists, the forecast for 2015 includes data’s major impact on the Internet of Things, changes in the skills and structure of the data scientist role and heavy emphasis on finding rich data within big data.

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Data Categorization: Humor and the Bay Area Storm

It was called the Storm of the Decade, #Stormzilla or #HellaStorm in typical NorCal lingo -- the storm that was delivered Thursday, flooding homes and businesses, closing schools, putting over 100,000 Bay Area residences into darkness, delivering waves of nearly 30 feet, and rainfall of several inches.

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Don’t Judge a Tweet by its 140 Characters: How One App is Using Machine-Learning to Tackle Credibility on Twitter

When you use Twitter, how do you know when you are being presented with something credible instead of something totally bogus? The answer is, unless you spend a lot of time researching each tweet, you probably don’t. However, one thing is for certain, we rely on what we read on Twitter to be true.

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CrowdFlower Meetup: Learn how to scrape, enrich and visualize data

CrowdFlower Meetups are back! 

Join us along with our partners Silk and Kimono Labs on Wednesday, January 28th at CrowdFlower's office in The Mission and learn how to scrape, enrich and visualize data.

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What Were We Thankful For?

It's no surprise that on Thanksgiving we appreciate our family and friends and give thanks for being healthy. It was however, a little surprising, that in this online, digital world, that the internet didn't rank so highly.