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How Data Science Can Predict if a Controversial Ad Will Backfire

Watching Super Bowl commercials is a celebrated American tradition. With more than a hundred million viewers tuned in, the pressure to stand out on Super Bowl Sunday is sky high. That's why many companies try to make their spots just-controversial-enough. But not going overboard is easier said than done. This tone deafness was on full display in 2011 when Groupon’s Super Bowl ad diminished the suffering of people in Tibet. The reactions from viewers were loud and clear: Groupon took it too far. Now, data scientists are finding ways to avoid this super costly faux pas.

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Guest Blog: Measuring Search Relevance with Search Expert Hugh E. Williams

How do you know when you’ve improved the relevance of a search engine? There are many ways to understand this, for example running A/B tests on your website or doing qualitative studies in a lab environment with a few customers. This blog post focuses on using large numbers of human judges to assess search performance.

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CrowdFlower's Best in Show Presentation at FinovateFall 2014

As shared a couple weeks back, we won Best in Show at FinovateFall 2014. And now we're pleased to share the live recording of our seven minute demo. 

Watch as our VP Product, Tatiana Josephy, demonstrates how CrowdFlower's data enrichment platform transforms big data into rich data for the financial services industry:

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CrowdFlower Supports GitHub Student Developer Pack

We're proud to be partnering with GitHub to give students free access to the best developer tools in one place so they can learn by doing.

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Burning Money is Never Good: Putting Out Fires with Librato's API

I started working as a full-stack engineer on CrowdFlower’s platform team in April of 2013. Since joining, it’s been an awesome ride with challenges ranging from building a real-time job monitoring dashboard to revamping our entire billing system.