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March Madness Update: The Crowd is Kicking Our Ass

When last we wrote, we made a comment about how the guy who always wins the office NCAA bracket usually thinks a pick and roll is a Tuesday special at that sushi restaurant he goes to once in a while. We'd like to retract that. Because "the guy" who's winning our pool isn't a guy at all. It's 145 people. It's our crowdsourced pool. 

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The Data Science Ecosystem in One Tidy Infographic

As data science becomes more and more important for everything from presidential campaigns to startups that haven't quite yet settled on their name, it's vital to understand how all the tools at a data scientist's disposal inform the process. We're writing about this data science ecosystem at length over at Computer World, but as a teaser, here's a look at the infographic we've made to illustrate the landscape:

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This is What Happens When You Let the Crowd Pick Your March Madness Bracket

Each year, millions of Americans fill out March Madness brackets. Some are college basketball junkies, the guys who can tell you how a box-and-1 zone works, who argue over NIT seeding, who may or may not have come down with a mysterious illness today and just had to stay home from work. Then there's the rest of us who kinda remember Duke is good most of the time I guess.

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Scraping, Enriching, and Visualizing Data: A CrowdFlower Meet Up

A few weeks back, we hosted at meet up at the CrowdFlower office with some friends from Kimono and Silk. The goal? To demonstrate how to scrape the web for data, enrich it, then visualize it. In other words, the whole kit & kaboodle. 

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Sorry Twitter. The $10,000 Apple Watch Wasn't For You Anyway

Tim Cook formally announced the Apple Watch yesterday and the internet did what the internet does during Apple announcements. For those ten or twenty of you who weren't live blogging the whole affair, there were no big reveals past the stuff we learned when the Apple Watch was formally announced last year. Well, with one minor exception: the fancypants, $10,000 version. As for what people think about a $10,000 golden-wrist-phone-heart-monitor? Let's just say that social media has loved other ideas a little bit more.