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The Unfriendly Skies: A Data-Driven Breakdown of What We Hate About Major Airlines

Every major American airline maintains a customer service twitter feed. It seems like a thankless job, consisting largely of replying to endless grievances about weather-related cancellations and spotty in-flight wifi with "We're sorry you're upset. Please DM us your reservation number." Then you get yelled at. 

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What Color is this Dress: The Crowd Speaks the Truth?

The social sphere has been in an uproar, #TheDress, over identifying the color of a dress that was posted online. The image of the dress in question is below. Some people see it as a Black and Blue dress, while others see it as White and Gold. 

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It's Hockey Weekend Across America, But Does Anyone Care?

Hockey Weekend Across America began long, long ago in 2011. The goal was to gin up publicity for the sport and the NHL, which was still recovering from a 2004 lockout that saw scads of fans migrate to other sports that were actually playing games. Metrics for the success of this ancient, four year-old tradition are hard to measure, but if you're using national media coverage as a barometer for a sport's health, it's not hard to see why hockey felt it needed a boost. The sport, long considered one of America's "Big Four," had been on precisely TWO Sports Illustrated covers in the preceding seven years.

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Register for our Webinar: Make People-Powered Sentiment Analysis Work for You

Every brand wants to know what its customers actually think about it. Are they enjoying the new soda flavor they just released? Does their online customer service actually make their customers happier? Did they like the Super Bowl commercial where that dad cried a lot?


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The Unchanging Demographics of the Academy Awards

Hollywood's annual festival of complicated formalwear and golden-bald-guy statues is finally upon us. Yes gang, we're a week away from the Academy Awards, that special time of year when we'll spend several hours watching famous people reward famous people for being better at pretending than other famous people.