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One billion tasks. Five million contributors.

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CrowdFlower is the world's leading crowdsourcing service, with over one billion tasks completed by five million contributors. We specialize in microtasking: distributing small, discrete tasks to many online contributors in assembly line fashion.

Our Story

We were crowdsourcing before it was even a word. When we began, the bulk of our work was building tools to get the results we wanted. That's when inspiration struck: if we build a platform, anyone could use it!

Put the World to Work

Everyone deserves the opportunity for meaningful work. CrowdFlower gives anyone, anywhere the chance to earn what they want, where they want - with the help of an Internet connection and a computer or smartphone.

Creating the Human API

The human brain is an amazing thing. 100 billion neurons help us see, feel, intuit, and remember. CrowdFlower's API lets you tap into that power with a network of millions to give you capabilities that algorithms alone can't.

1 Billion and Counting

Our crowd of five million contributors has completed over a billion judgments for our customers - and we're just getting started! Work with us (or for us) and see what the crowd can do for you.

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Our Talent

The Foremost Experts in Crowdsourcing

Mathematicians, statisticians, cartographers, musicians, psychologists, entrepreneurs, information  systems engineers. Our team is the best of the best - with expertise in search relevance, content  moderation, business data verification/correction, and more.

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Our Community

Five Million and Growing

We've cultivated a unique crowd from across the globe with a wide variety of strengths and expertise.

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Think You've Got What It Takes?

We're growing fast and need smart, innovative people, willing to work (and play) hard to help us  cultivate the crowd.


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We look forward to hearing from you.

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